Uses of Broth

Bone broth is renowned for its medicinal properties that are rooted in tradition. Throughout the world, people have been enjoying the use of cooking with bones to create wholesome and rich broth. In Asia this has been used to create fish broths and stocks and in Europe it has been used for beef and chicken stocks. 

As the foundation of many meals, bone broth is not only wonderful as a stew and/or soup but has many uses that can be a staple in everyone's diet. They are also rich in minerals, protein, gelatin, and glycine, which is know to detox the body and support digestion.

Bone broth is also super economical, easy to make, and delicious. With all of these benefits, here are some of our favorite ways to enjoy broth and stock:

Drink it Straight: Enjoy the rich and medicinal properties of broth by enjoying it as is. Warm it up for a comforting and easy way to get a bounty of nutrients.

Use for Soups: A traditional way to enjoy broth is in soups and stews. Its rich flavor provides an incredible base that is also rich in protein. Once you try this, we are sure you will ditch the bouillon for good.

Cook as a Food Staple: You can use it to enhance your foods such as grains and pasta where it will add a rich and new flavor while also providing amazing benefits.

Freeze it: You can also freeze broth to be used at a later day as well as freeze it to use in your morning smoothie.

Baby Food: Use it to dilute baby food instead of water. This will increase the nutrients your baby receives and incorporate new flavors to their diet.

How do you enjoy bone broth?