Benefits of Pastured Meats

Not all meats are created equal. In fact those made with antibiotics and living in cramped conditions not only taste differently than grassfed meat, but they can cause a host of health problems. 

In the simplest terms, grassfed animals eat grass, and conventionally fed animals eat an unnatural based of corn, grain, and soy products. This is done to "fatten" them up to meet the demands of the modern-day consumer. Additionally, cows traditionally eat grass so by giving them corn and soy, they become more inclined to get sick and get illnesses such as with several bouts of E. coli.

A traditional way to eat, people have enjoyed this style of consuming meat for years until the advent of factory farms. The quality, taste and health benefits are vast. Here are some of a few additional benefits to consuming pastured meats.

Additional benefits:

-A vitamin-rich food that contains vitamins A, B, E and K as well as micronutrients.

- A rich source of protein.

- Animals are able to spend more time outside where they have a better quality life, thus not a stressed-out animal.

- Excellent source of Omega 3 Fatty Acids.

- Excellent source of CLA.-