Spray-Free or Organic Produce

There is much buzz about the term "organic." The awareness to where food comes from as made people more educated in better understanding where their food comes from. However, many companies misconstrue the term where there has been an increasing number of synthetics being found on fruits and vegetables.

At Duettefood Shed, we use certified organic products with our goal to have no fruits and vegetables that are sprayed. We focus on preparing foods in the most wholesome and nutritious manner with an ode to tradition. This means that our produce is not sprayed, comes from local farms and/or adheres to sources that have an organic certification.

Traditionally, this means produce whose water, soil, and pest control uses methods of production that focus on preserving the environment as well as avoiding the use of synthetic materials like pesticides and antibiotics.

For organic certification all produce must:

-Not use genetically modified ingredients.

- Must receive annual inspections

- Be separated from non-organic produce

- Receive on-site inspections.

- Not have any prohibited substances for at least 3 years before the harvest of an organic crop.