Shopping for Quality Ingredients

At Duette Foodshed it is our mission to provide you and your family with the most wholesome and nutritious food items. 

We source our ingredients from:

- Green Markets: We visit local green markets to provide you withe seasonal and fresh produce. 

-  CSA: This is a great way to enjoy local and seasonal foods that are rich in flavors and nutrition. We also focus on local items that 

-Local butchers: We support small and local farmers to understand the sourcing of their meats and to develop a relationship. This also allows us to work with butchers that use no hormones, antibiotics or GMO's in their feed

- Organic food stores:  We visit organic food stores to find products that adhere to certification standards.

- Support your local (small) farmer, build relationships: no payment to distributors here!

At Duette, we make sure to focus on these sources as a standard for our recipes and our mission to provide you with the most nutritious ingredients.