Farm Raised Fish vs. Wild Fish

Fish is an excellent source of protein that is also renowned for being an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids. 

However, not all fish is sourced equally which can not only effect its taste but can have a great impact on the quality and composition of the fish.

In general, farm-raised fishes are fed unnatural diets and crammed together. This can led to disease, and later the use of antibiotics and hormones that is pumped into the fish that is later eaten.

At Duette Foodshed, we use wild fish. Wild fish is a traditional way in which fish have been caught for centuries. These types of fish eat a natural diet and live in their natural habit.

- Wild-caught have more calcium and iron.

- Wild-caught fish have more Omega-3 fatty acids.

- Wild-caught fish have a richer color and flavor.


Fat Series: Benefits of Animal Lard

Long gone are the days when lard was considered bad for you. In fact it is actually a sustainable and healthy source of fat that is natural and sustainable. Check out more of its benefits and why we love to cook with lard.

1. It is healthy: The lard and cooking fat that you find in your grocery store is most likely made of hydrogenated oils. The lard you need is the internal fats from animals that have been in the sun such as those that are free-range and organically fed. This allows them to soak in more vitamin D and thus produce a richer and healthier product for you.

2. It's delicious: As simple as it sounds, animal lard is delicious. It isn't heavily processed and contains natural sources of fats that make food rich and enjoyable.

3. Excellent for cooking: Lard is amazing for cooking that has a combination of monounsaturated and saturated fats that makes it ideal for cookies, biscuits, gravy, crusts and more that gives off a light and flaky texture. 

How do you like to cook with lard?

Eat Local By Joining A Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

We are huge advocates on eating local, and even though it is freezing out there you can still enjoy local vegetables, fruits and meets by joining a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). Here in NYC, this includes access to numerous local farmers where you pay a membership fee for a "share." This allows you to receive a local vegetables every week or every other week, which is an incredible way to always eat local, support farmers and the environment as well as focus on healthy eating. Here are a few of our favorite CSA's in NYC.

1. Just Food: Through this CSA, Just Food works with urban community members in various parts of NYC. This has allowed them to start over 100 CSA sites in NYC as well as focus on other food-related projects such as food education, advocacy, and farm education.

2. West Village CSA: This is a great CSA to get fresh and organic produce from a local farm. This currently includes garlic, potatoes, carrots and more - which is perfect for all of those winter comfort dishes.

3. Local Roots: Through this CSA, you can get a variety of vegetables, fish, meats and even pasta. The cool thing about this CSA is that you can order the food online where you can see pictures of the farmers and producers from which you are ordering from. They also offer a super convenient way for you to get you food by picking it up a nearby local location or it can also be delivered to your home.

Another option is to visit your local Greenmarket Farmers Markets where you can shop locally. Located throughout NYC, some Greenmarket Farms offer a way to recycle your textiles, batteries, compost and more!

What CSA do you use in NYC?