We start with the absolute highest quality ingredients.

We don’t rely on buzz words like “natural” and “organic”. We go beyond labels and choose vendors we know and trust to supply us with highest quality organic products, fully understanding their farming practices. Our goal is to work with producers to provide us with soy-free eggs, 100% pastured meats, and no-spray fruits and vegetables. We cook only with whole ingredients and refuse to use already prepared foods that may contain preservatives or other additives. We even make our own nut milks!

We focus on gluten-free foods that are especially important for children (and adults!) with food sensitivities and allergies.

We add our savoir-faire, focusing on nutrition and digestive well-being.

We use food preparation techniques to maximize nutritional availability, including soaking/sprouting, slow cooking, and fermenting—even if it is more complicated and takes longer!

We integrate foods for digestive healing, such as condiments and broth, into our meals to support optimal growth and development.

We use only healthy fats in our preparations—animal fats, butter, and ghee. No vegetable oil here, except for olive!

We deliver in the reality of today’s world: it’s about convenience!

We are committed to offering choices to accommodate different dietary restrictions and philosophies, whether you are wheat free, dairy free, or Paleo/grain free.

We intend to feed the entire family. We feel toddlers should eat real, wholesome foods just like adults, so we don’t believe in sugar/carb-laden children’s meals and snacks.

We deliver meals already plated in compostable containers and snacks in convenient to-go packs.

We offer services to accommodate your lifestyle, from food delivery to event catering to in-home chef services.