– We see post-partum as crucial time-period where highly nutritious, easy to digest foods are absolutely key to recovery and milk production. We are happy to share our knowedge on nutritional needs and essential post-partum foods based on traditional practices around the world.
– Call us to stock up your refrigerator/freezer with essential soups, snacks and meals
– Contact us for home chef services during this special time

•     Catering

– Special occasion or simply dinner? We can help!
– We cater children birthday parties too!

•     Cooking Classes & Coaching

– Our chef will share her knowledge on recipes, nutritional techniques, and dietary philosophies through hands-on classes or coaching sessions.

– Example cooking classes include: Basic Cooking Techniques, Family Fridge Staples, Optimal Starter Foods for Babies and Toddlers, Baby-Lead Weaning Cuisine, Pregnancy, Postpartum and Breastfeeding Support Cuisine.

– Example coaching topics: Meal Planning, Pregnancy and Post-Partum Nutrition, Gestational Diabetes Management

•     Home Chef Services

– Our chef will prepare custom foods for the day or the week. Decide on the menu and enjoy!